Restaurants and Fast Food Chains Cleaning
Warner Robins GA

Like with any business, your exterior appearance either instills confidence in your services to your customer or makes them run. This could not be more evident than in the restaurant and fast food industry. Whether a customer enters your restaurant or uses the drive-thru, the cleanliness of the building, parking lot, and walk-ways are precursors to how clean the kitchen is, and how the food is being prepared. Don’t let the exterior appearance of your restaurant or fast food chain keep customers away, call Propel Pressure Cleaning today!

Our Hassle-Free System

With our hot water system and expert staff, we can keep your restaurant and fast food chain grease and grime free. Our hot water system breaks down the oil and grease that can be difficult to remove, and it is imperative that you do not let it fester as it can permeate the surface and be even more difficult to remove. With our fully insured and trained staff, we can bring your dirty and greasy areas back to their original condition in no time! We provide 24-hour pressure washing service for fast food restaurants to ensure minimum disruption to your customers. We offer a monthly or quarterly contract based on your restaurant or fast food chain’s needs, that will not interfere with your current customers while they’re visiting your location.

Restaurant Cleaning Warner Robins GA

Included in Our Fast Food and Restaurant Cleaning Is:

  • Dining patios cleaned to a high standard; removing all chewing gum and heavily soiled and stained paving.
  • Curbs are treated and power washed.
  • Dumpster pads cleaned and disinfected.
  • Drive thru concrete cleaned and treated to help prevent stains.
  • Roof tile chemically cleaned and washed.
  • Drains unblocked from heavy grease build up.
  • Drive-thrus cleaned and grim and grease spots removed

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If you are ready to get those tough oily stains removed from your restaurant, drive-thru, or fast food chain look no further than Propel Pressure Cleaning. With our state-of-the-art equipment and hot washing techniques we can have your restaurant, drive-thru, or fast food chain look brand new and aesthetically pleasing. We are fully insured and trained, so if you are looking for pressure washing in Warner Robins GA, call Propel Pressure Cleaning today!