Playground Cleaning Warner Robins GA

Cleaning playground equipment and properly sanitizing playgrounds is important because children climb, slide, swing and play on that same equipment introducing them to an array of bacteria and germs. Germs and bacteria from mold, dirt, and other contaminants should not prevent your children from being able to play on these playgrounds. Even if a playground looks visibly clean; germs, bacteria, and viruses may still be present. It is important to properly clean or disinfect surfaces that may be contaminated as this reduces harmful germs and lessens the risk of children contracting illness and disease.

Importance of Playground Cleaning

For children, playgrounds and parks are a place for fun. The scary thing is these areas tend to carry more bacteria than the average toilet. Most people are aware of the risks associated with infections concerning toilets which should be cleaned often but tend to neglect the cleanliness of playground equipment which is often an after-thought. This neglect makes it easy to transmit infections and viruses which can affect a child’s health. Apart from viruses, most exterior surfaces are susceptible to buildup of dirt, grime, mold, and algae giving the playground a non-inviting look. At Propel Pressure Cleaning, we offer fully comprehensive playground and play area cleaning services in Warner Robins and surrounding areas.

Playground Cleaning Warner Robins GA
Playground Cleaning Warner Robins GA

Cleaning That Will Last Up to Three Times Longer

Our cleaning process will get all of the grime out of the small cracks and crevices of the playground. We also spray chemical neutralizer to keep everything safe for our children. Once soft wash has removed organic matter from your playground equipment, it is protected and prevents regrowth for up to three times longer compared to traditional cleaning methods. In the unlikely event there happens to be any children upon entering the designated cleaning area, we have all of the necessary safety and compliance procedures in place as the chemicals we use are environmentally friendly.

Where We Can Carry Out Cleaning of Playground

  • Residential Playgrounds
  • HOA Communities
  • Schools

Get Your Playground Cleaned Today

Propel Pressure Cleaning is your all in one solution for playground and playground equipment cleaning. We have been keeping the city of Warner Robins GA clean for over six years. With the combination of our state-of-the-art tools and environmentally friendly chemicals, we ensure that your playground will get thoroughly cleaned while ensuring the health and safety of children. So, if you are looking pressure washing in Warner Robins GA, give Propel Pressure Cleaning a call today!