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Executing a project on your own can be very fun and fulfilling. Arguably one of the best reasons to do a project yourself is that it allows you to save money. However, should power washing be a DIY project, or is it something only the experts should do?

How easy is it to acquire pressure washing equipment? How much will it cost? Is it safer to do your house cleaning on your own?

The team at the best power washing services in Warner Robins, GA, has compiled a list of pros and cons to help make your decision easier.

Advantages of Professional Power Washing

Personal Safety

Our team at Propel Pressure Cleaning has received safety training on how to handle tools and equipment like pressure washers, nozzles, and high-pressure hoses. These devices can be very harmful in inexperienced hands. Experts know how to identify tripping hazards and electrical sources, thus avoiding injuries.

Use of Quality Equipment

Quality power washing devices are not cheap. Professional equipment can be very pricey to purchase or rent. You cannot get the same results the pros get when you use standard residential pressure washers.

Our professionals use quality tools to effortlessly remove tough stains like mold, skid marks, and algae from driveways and gutters. We also provide roof and gutter cleaning services, which can be hard to reach if you are pressure washing on your own.

Avoid Property Damage

Our qualified team has years of experience under its belt. Our professionals undergo rigorous training to evaluate the pressure needed on surfaces and how long they need washing. Different exteriors call for different pressure settings due to the make of the material.

If you are inexperienced, you could cause damage to your property by exerting too much pressure on these surfaces. It could be a problem if you live in a community of homeowners, as you will have to foot the bill.

Disadvantages of Professional Power Washing

Hiring the Wrong Professionals

There are inferior services that cause more harm than good in every line of work. If you fail to research potential pressure washing companies before hiring them, your property could become the subject of another one-star review.

Advantages of DIY Pressure Washing

If, after conducting your research, contracting power washing services in Warner Robins, GA, is beyond your budget, and if you enjoy a challenge, the following are some pros of DIY pressure washing.


Hiring companies for projects can be expensive. They often charge for services you probably don’t need. You can make pressure washing affordable by renting a pressure washer at a low cost.

Finish at Your Convenience

One benefit of going the DIY way is being able to finish on your own time. You have control over the project and can call it finished whenever you like.

Disadvantages of DIY Pressure Washing


Although you can pressure wash at your convenience, it can be a time-consuming task. You spend almost all your free time completing your pressure washing. You have to set up the equipment, clean the area and dispose of the waste after working.

Hiring Propel Pressure Cleaning professionals allows you to spend your leisure time on other projects.

If you need quality power washing services in Warner Robins, GA, call us on 478-335-3375 to get a free quote!

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Jesse was very quick to return my messages, and they were able to fit me into their schedule very quickly. They even came out to do the work while it was raining, so they’re pretty dedicated to getting the job done. I’d call them again in the future.
Mark Baker
Mark Baker
Showed up on time and did everything they quoted very well. Would definitely use their services again and recommend them to others.
Tony Cheatham
Tony Cheatham
I’d recommend Propel Pressure Cleaning, they responded to my initial request for estimate and received it within 24 hours. Washed home and sidewalk and walked around afterwards to ensure I was satisfied with the results.
Robert Coleman
Robert Coleman
Propel Pressure Cleaning recently did a great job washing our trailers at the fair grounds. I called them last year for service and Jessie and his team we’re on site quickly and did a wonderful job.When I called last month for cleaning, he was responsive and had the work completed that day.I stopped doing reviews a few years ago but Propel Pressure Cleaning deserves some public recognition.Here are the three things that made it so smooth. He answered the call. Showed up when he said he would and did an excellent job.Thank You!
Rodney Wall
Rodney Wall
This was a great experience. They were on time and immediately went straight to work. They were very kind and professional. The pressure washing job was amazing!! This is a property that I’m going to sell and they definitely added value to it. Now it looks bright and vibrant. I will definitely use there service on my next five projects. Thank you guys so much .
Propel Pressure Washing did a great job for me. The owner did the work, was very professional, was careful in areas I asked him to be and did a quality job for a reasonable price. I did receive other quotes & they were much higher. I highly recommend his services!
Lisa Martin
Lisa Martin
Jesse and his crew by far the best company I’ve worked with in the 27 years for my industry. His professionalism, attitude and quick response separates him from other cleaning services and won’t hesitate working with them again.Thanks!
Billy Trull
Billy Trull

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